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4x4 Mini 4800U USB-C Ports£

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Topic: 4x4 Mini 4800U USB-C Ports£
Posted By: jsmiddleton4
Subject: 4x4 Mini 4800U USB-C Ports£
Date Posted: 26 Mar 2021 at 6:41am
Only one of my USB-C ports will recognize an external Pioneer Bluray player£ The one on the right furthest away from power button is fine. Obviously the one on the left closest to power button doesn't. Has power, the drive will take a disk, etc. But it isn't recognized as a device in Windows£

Posted By: jsmiddleton4
Date Posted: 26 Mar 2021 at 6:52am
The port works by the way. If I plug in a USB-C external hard drive into the port that doesn't recognize the external Pioneer bluray device it is instantly recognized.

Posted By: jsmiddleton4
Date Posted: 26 Mar 2021 at 7:26am
If I use the USB 3 port next to the USB-C port that does not allow Windows to recognize the drive, Windows recognizes the drive. Are those 2 ports sharing some kind of hub like thing£

Posted By: jsmiddleton4
Date Posted: 26 Mar 2021 at 7:36pm
I may have addressed it. Problem is I did a couple of things so......which fixed it£
USB Config in bios. The only settings are in which state do you want power to still pass to the USB ports, S0, S3, etc. Shouldn't impact power to the USB ports when the thing is ON. Changed it to Default which is not ALL ports.   Would think ALL ports would mean all of them get power and I'm seeing one of them not. Set it to Default not because it made sense. Did because ALL ports didn't seem to work. I left USB Legacy support in place.
In Device Manager unchecked the option for both instances of the AMD USB controller "Allow computer to turn off power...."
In Power Options/Profile went to the Advanced Settings and disabled the USB Suspend Settings.
Plugged in external bluray into the port that was not installing the drive and it popped right up. Plugged it in the previously working port, popped right up, plugged it in the USB3 port using a USB3 to USB-C cable and boom, popped right up.
Suppose I could change Default back to ALL ports and see what happens.
ALL works fine. Which makes sense. That BIOS setting is for when it would allow charging to pass through to USB devices.

Posted By: mathygreen
Date Posted: 15 Jan 2022 at 4:51am
AMD has been steadily creeping into what once was mostly Intel?s territory for years now, first with desktop CPUs and then with laptops. Now the company?s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) Mini PC team better watch their backs.

Because ASRock?s 4X4 BOX-4800U mini PC, powered by AMD?s top-end mobile Ryzen 7 4800 CPU, is impressively speedy, and comes equipped with a cadre of next-gen connectivity.

If you?re after a capable desktop in a tiny 4.3 x 4.6 x 1.9-inch form factor, you?ll be hard-pressed to find anything better.

Just know that gaming performance is limited to lower settings with the integrated Radeon Vega graphics.

And while the $599 price doesn?t sound too bad, you?ll have to provide your own storage, RAM and operating system.

If you have room for a larger desktop, you can get a much better deal ??or at the very least, better performance -- by opting for one of the best gaming PCs.

The 4X4 BOX-4800U does, though, come with a VESA mounting bracket, so you can mount the system behind most (or at least many) monitors for a tidy DIY AIO solution.

Also, just as we?ve seen with other 4800U-based devices throughout the year (like Lenovo?s Yoga Slim 7), the 4X4 BOX-4800U can be tough to find in stock. ASRock tells us that the stock of the system it?s supplied to Newegg has sold out very quickly.

So keep an eye out for it if you?re after the best possible performance (you can sign up to be notified of new stock at the link above).

But if you can get by with a bit less CPU and GPU grunt, the company will also offer up a 4x4 BOX-4500U (for $429) and a 4x4 BOX-4300U (for $339).

So if you don?t need 16 threads and a CPU that clocks above 4 GHz, there will be other Ryzen-based options, which (if the history of other 4800U-based products is any indication) should have much better supply.

But note the Ryzen processors on those lesser models lack multithreading, and have lesser integrated graphics.
____________________________" rel="nofollow - Reliable Permit Solutions, LLC

Posted By: threadzipper1957
Date Posted: 15 Mar 2022 at 5:00pm
Hello jsmiddleton4,
Thanks for sharing this info.
It can also help other customers.
Since this is an industrial product, for technical support, please use" rel="nofollow -
When using a gmail account, plese check you spam folder for replies

Kind Regards

Posted By: threadzipper1957
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2023 at 4:26pm
Hi Muitro,
people often take USB ports as defective, when a device doesn't work.
But these Intel Nuc like mini PC's don't have a chipset, like regular boards.
And, very important, every USB device uses a convertor chip, which will turn a USB signal into SATA. IDE, LAN, Wifi, storage etc.
UEFI will see this convertor, and the hardware behind it should report to UEFI, what kind of hardware, en which resources, if this information is not correct, UEFI cannot properlu handle this hardware, or it works, because of the OS integrated drivers, and can suddenly stop working all together.
Another culprit, is often the use of Wireless keyboard and mice.
These devices, often use a small USB dongle, and the actual transceiver chip in this dongle is literally inside the USB port, and works on 2.4GHz, which is exactly the same frequency, that USB3 uses to communicate.
As a result of this, these dongles, can disturb ALL USB communication.
This is a known issue with wireless devices, it is NOT a motherboard issue, every brand of motherboard, faces these issues, and it doesn't matetr if it's Intel or AMD.
The best test is to use default BIOS settings, and insert a USB stick, then start and press f11, to get into the boot menu, the USB stick should appear in the list.
Then repeat the procedure on the other ports.
The best way is to use for instance a USB stick with Windows 10 or 11 for this purpose.
And as You said, try another USB cable, and go for a better quality.
Some shops state the transfer rate as 5Gb/s or 10Gb/s, for USB3 C cables, On the 5Gb/s cable my phone takes 5 hours to fully charge, on the 10Gb/s, it takes 2 hours, so there is a huge difference in cables

Kind Regards

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