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Next gen CPU support BIOS update!

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Topic: Next gen CPU support BIOS update!
Posted By: Xaltar
Subject: Next gen CPU support BIOS update!
Date Posted: 29 Jun 2022 at 8:15pm
Some important news for intel 600 series board owners ASRock has asked me to
share with you all on the forums

ASRock Releases New BIOS Supporting Intel Next-Gen Desktop Processors for
its Intel 600 Series Motherboards

ASRock has announced BIOS updates for its Intel 600 series motherboards to
support the soon-released Intel desktop processors.

ASRock has been completely dedicated to EZ update/setting. As the first
generation of LGA1700 socket motherboards, most of ASRock Intel 600 series
motherboards are equipped with BIOS flashback button that allow users to update
BIOS with USB Flash Drive easily. Furthermore, ASRock add Auto Driver
Installer(ADI) to the newest BIOS of all Intel 600 series motherboards. ADI
ensures the ability of Ethernet connection and provides a convenient way to
install all drivers needed without any annoying application needed in your OS.

That is to say, no need to worry about not having the CD ROM or support CD,
you could set the system up in the blink of an eye.

The latest BIOS update will be available to download from our website or simply
updated through ASRock APP Shop.

Supported boards:


Z690 AQUA OC--------------------9.01
Z690 AQUA-----------------------9.01
Z690 Taichi---------------------12.01
Z690 Taichi Razer Edition-------12.01
Z690 PG Velocita ---------------11.01
Z690 Extreme--------------------7.03
Z690 Extreme WiFi 6E------------7.03
Z690 Steel Legend/D5------------6.01
Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E/D5----6.01
Z690 Steel Legend---------------7.02
Z690 Steel Legend WiFi 6E-------7.02
Z690 PG Riptide-----------------7.02
Z690 Pro RS---------------------9.02
Z690 Phantom Gaming 4-----------10.01
Z690 Phantom Gaming 4/D5--------8.01
Z690M PG Riptide/D5-------------6.01
Z690M Phantom Gaming4-----------9.02
Z690 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB4-----10.01


H670 Steel Legend---------------9.02
H670 PG Riptide-----------------9.02
H670M Pro RS--------------------8.02


B660 Steel Legend---------------6.04
B660 Pro RS---------------------10.03
B660M Steel Legend--------------7.03
B660M Pro RS/D5-----------------3.04
B660M PG Riptide----------------2.03
B660M Pro RS--------------------7.01
B660M Pro RS/AX-----------------2.02
B660M Phantom Gaming4-----------5.01
B660M-HDVP/D5 R2.0--------------3.04


H610M-HDV/M.2 R2.0--------------2.01
H610M-HVS/M.2 R2.0--------------2.01
H610M-HDVP/D5 R2.0--------------4.04

Find your Intel 600 series model and download the new BIOS here:


Posted By: Ravell
Date Posted: 12 Sep 2022 at 8:03am
May I ask a silly and possibly ignorant question... Just built a new PC with the H670 PG Riptide motherboard but does not turn on. It says 6.01 on the sticker for BIOS. Is the outdated BIOS the reason why nothing is turning on?

(nothing except the BIOS flbk button) If this is not the place to ask this, I apologize in advance.

Posted By: TechRabbit2015
Date Posted: 21 Oct 2022 at 8:24am
I just bought an ASRock Z690 STEEL LEGEND WIFI 6E/D5 with an Intel 13700k CPU.

I do not have a 12th CPU... is this a problem for using this motherboard with the 13th gen CPU out of the box? I.E. how do I update the bios, will the 13th gen CPU at least boot to some bios update screen option?


Posted By: Alcebiades
Date Posted: 23 Oct 2022 at 1:19pm
I went to do a build with the same cpu. Won?t post, it sure to flash bios without it posting. Frustrating, I?m probably just old and don?t know how to do something. Started my return to Newegg, I?ll follow through with return unless I hear some quick fix.

Posted By: FPI78
Date Posted: 14 Nov 2022 at 9:01pm
To answer the above, BIOS Flashback is the way to go.
Read the associated ASRock doc of your motherboard having BIOS Flashbackfunctionality
It worked for me with a clean USB stick with latest BIOS 13.03, and pressing the bios flasback button.
Was not able to POST before (normal I had forgottent to update the BIOS), POSTED nicely after the BIOS flashback.

Now I got 1 question with this latest (and only valid as of now) BIOS, with my 13600K checking with XTU:
Standard 13600K I understand is:
PCore 3.5Ghz with Boost 5.1Ghz
ECore 2.6Ghz with Boost 3.9Ghz
Without having changed anything yet in the BIOS beside activated the RAM XMP (no overclocking done by me) my "issue" is that looking at XTU without doing anything but being logged in Windows 10 (no user program running, task manager showing 4% CPU used overall), I get:
PCore at often 5.11 and even above going to 5.23Ghz
ECore always at 3.91 NEVER going down to 2.6Ghz
I would expect being able to go down to the basic frequencies for ECore at least as PCore is rarely going to 3.9Ghz but still varies.

1- Are my measurement conditions wrong ?
2- Is the BIOS 13.03 overclocking slightly by default and/or preventing base frequencies to be set ?

In case of 2 any hint as to BIOS config to allow base ECore frequencies to be "activated" ?

Intel i5 13600K
ASRock Z690 PG Velocita

Posted By: darkhell666
Date Posted: 23 Nov 2022 at 12:13am
Hi, just wanted to ask, yesterday a new bios has been released for Z690 Steel Legend/D5 with number 9.03, the only change in description is "Update Intel microcode.", there is any information related to that microcode, like improvements or security patches that could impact performance?

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 23 Nov 2022 at 4:54am
You would need to contact ASRock Tech Support for that info:" rel="nofollow -


Posted By: Harleybokula
Date Posted: 18 Dec 2022 at 3:25am
Just about to start my first build! Is there a tutorial out there how to flash the bios on z690 steel legend wifi 6e? I read that I should flash the bios prior to cpu install.
Will I have to flash the bios on the asrock steel legend before installing the cpu? From what I gather, all you need to accomplish that, is power to the motherboard, and a freshly formatted fat32 usb stick with the latest version of asrock bios uploaded to it, and rename the file(cant remember off the top of my head.), insert usb to proper usb port, and press the bios flashback button until the led lights up(and continue to blink until it is completed)? At which point you shut of and unplug the usb? How do you shut it off at that point? just flip the switch on the psu, then begin building? I'm sorry for all the questions, just nervous and don't want to mess it up! Thanks!
The only instructions I could find involved having a monitor and everything set up. Whats the EASIEST way to bios flash this particular mobo?
I've seen in some build videos that people sometimes set up certain components together on a test bench prior to building in the case. Is it necessary with all new components, and whats the best way to accomplish this as a first timer.

Just leanring!

Posted By: mike paner
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2023 at 6:29pm
BIOS Flashback is the way to go Read the associated ASRock doc of your motherboard having BIOS Flashbackfunctionality It worked for me with a clean USB stick with latest BIOS 13.03

Posted By: AsrockFrenchFan
Date Posted: 12 Jul 2023 at 5:48am
I'm a proud owner of the AsRock z690 Extreme. It's so great to have free update for such a cheap but powerful motherboard. I also thank Intel for extending the life of the z690 chipset. At last, they have understood that having to change motherboard to use their newest processors isa serious obstable, and many people just don't want to upgrade, even if they have the money, because they fear that their components won't work correctly anymore without reinstalling Windows.

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