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G41M-GS and intel core Q9650 Quad

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Topic: G41M-GS and intel core Q9650 Quad
Posted By: leeuw
Subject: G41M-GS and intel core Q9650 Quad
Date Posted: 21 Jul 2022 at 4:32am

I need some help.
I know what I am doing here is a bit outdated,
using older hardware to run an old arcade cabinet is probably
not what you see here on daily base.

I have an Asrock G41M-GS motherboard in it, which I bought somewhere in 2010 I believe. Recently I scored a intel core Q9650 which was sent by mail.
The idea was to boost the emulation speed somewhat for certain emulators.
The problem is most of them run on 1 or 2 cores, where mame emulator is running at only one. Also it doesn't use GPU hardware, So a graphical card will not change anything.

I was hoping 3.0 ghz would change something for 3d racing games, but it appears doesn't. Unfortunately if you want those games to run you'll need a 3.5 to 4 Ghz cpu.

So my question here, is it possible to clock my Q9650 to have it faster on a G41M-GS motherboard? Over Clocking is not my field of experience really, but I
feel it is the only way to solve this demand.
G41-GS simply doesn't support faster cpu's. There is one compatible duo core
that offers 3.3 Ghz, but it will not solve the issue.

If anyone here would know the settings in my bios to overclock this cpu to 3,8Ghz or so, I would be grateful. It would be great to have a configuration to do list. Or pictures with changes in the bios step by step.
There is a fan built in the cabinet right behind motherboard and cpu.
Right now the temperature is going above 143 F (43 Celsius) running a 3d game, with a normal speed of the fan, so I guess some tweaking will not burn the system.

All help appreciated.

thanks, Dirk.

Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 21 Jul 2022 at 5:32am
Check in your user manual for overclocking settings:" rel="nofollow -

Then take a look at some overclocking tutorials for your board (G41 chipset).
That board supports untied overclocking, meaning it doesn't overclock the PCI and
PCIe bus along with the CPU FSB so in theory it should be possible to overclock
better than a board without it. It's been almost a decade since I overclocked
with a board like that so I am afraid I don't remember all the details. I know
there are a ton of tutorials on various forums about it though, some of which I
likely followed myself back when.


Posted By: leeuw
Date Posted: 23 Jul 2022 at 10:57pm
Thanks Xaltar,

I know this manual I have downloaded it earlier.
Unfortunately Just to know where these settings are in bios, doesn't
mean I understand how to use them. For example I tried to change the
cpu frequency setting in the bios, which resulted in a black screen
after rebooting. Not too great. Had to reset the bios to default settings
to get it run again. So, I am more careful with experimenting now.
One of the reasons I tried to find knowledge on the forum here.

Yes, I understand it is a 12 years old board. For the overclock enthousiasts
it must be boring...

Maybe I am searching on engines with the wrong keywords.
"G41M-GS clocking Q9650" does not give detailed results.
Much of it forwards to dead domains on the net. (10 years...)
Is there no asrock guru here, remember the tweaks?

Posted By: leeuw
Date Posted: 23 Jul 2022 at 11:20pm

I found this site;" rel="nofollow -

says this board is supported by a tool called:

ASRock OC Tuner (Up to 145% CPU frequency increase)
Opening that tool I see 3 dropdown settings. I don't know how to weak right

Posted By: threadzipper1957
Date Posted: 12 Aug 2022 at 5:12pm
Overclocking is not a standard thing, it is always the combination of hardware, and not every CPU can handle it.
Indeed the best info is on Google
I googled for overclocking q9650 asrock g41" rel="nofollow -

Kind Regards

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