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Intel Arc A750 Challenger D 8GB OC no OC available

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Topic: Intel Arc A750 Challenger D 8GB OC no OC available
Posted By: Darklegion1978
Subject: Intel Arc A750 Challenger D 8GB OC no OC available
Date Posted: 05 Jan 2023 at 8:05pm

i bought the Intel Arc A750 Challenger D 8GB OC Variant.

As you write on the Product Page, it will have 2200 MHz GPU Clock.

The Card has just 2050 MHz as the normal Intel Arc A750.

GPU-Z and the Intel Control Center, both are showing the Speed 2050 MHz and not the 2200 MHz.

So wheres the issue or Problem, are these the Drivers from Intel, or is it your Product that works not correct?

Greetings Roman

Posted By: ASRock_TSD
Date Posted: 06 Jan 2023 at 2:24pm
Dear Darklegion1978,

Thank you for posting your query to the ASRock form.

Regarding your question, we have built a system with the Intel ARC A750, the memory of the graphics card is able to boost over 2200MHz when stressing the graphics card with the GPU-Z render test.

Please try installing the graphics card driver follow by testing the render test via GPU-Z.

Also, please check if your system meets the following requirements:" rel="nofollow -

In the BIOS, please check if the following settings are adjusted.
1. Disable CSM
2. Enable Above 4G Decoding
3. Enable Re-Size BAR Support

With thanks,

Posted By: Darklegion1978
Date Posted: 06 Jan 2023 at 2:56pm
Good Morning and Thx for your reply.

The thing is, that the Card gets up to 2400 MHz as the original one (Boost Speed), so theres no difference between them.

But the Standard GPU Speed is not the 2200 MHz as you suggest on your Website, its just 2050 MHz, also as the normal Card.

I guess theres anything wrong with the drivers and to detect your Card as an Asrock OC Variant and not an normal A750.

I done some Pictures for you, to see what i mean.


I have done the Steps you told me, also had a Conversation with Intel, they also made a Ticket for those Issue.

Greetings Roman

Posted By: Darklegion1978
Date Posted: 06 Jan 2023 at 3:05pm
Something to Edit.

Thats the Picture of your Product Website.

and also the Picture from GPU-Z Database

So anything is not right, your Product Website or the Drivers that come from Intel.

Greetings Roman

Posted By: ASRock_TSD
Date Posted: 10 Jan 2023 at 4:37pm
Dear Darklegion1978,

Thanks for the reply.

Unlike the reference card (stock card), Intel A750 CLD 8GO is specially tuned, so that the GPU clocks are guaranteed to operate at 2200MHz or more when the graphics card is under load.

Intel also has notified us about the values showing on the Intel ARC control.
They will judge whether to change the values when detecting the Intel A750 CLD 8GO.

With thanks,

Posted By: Darklegion1978
Date Posted: 12 Jan 2023 at 1:00am
Hi and thanks for your answer,

You write again that the Card has 2200 MHz or more when its under load, as like the original Card from Intel, the original Card from Intel has also 2400 MHz when its under load.

So it makes no sense to choose your OC Product.

Big thanks for your answer, but thats now the time to return the Card.

Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 12 Jan 2023 at 3:12am
2400MHz is the Boost frequency, as in when thermals and voltage permit the card
will boost to this figure. The 2200MHz ASRock states is a typical load frequency
which is higher than the reference Intel card.

You need to put the card under load and check GPUz. Then, if under load you don't
see 2200MHz then you should open a support ticket with ASRock. That should not be
the case.

You can put the card under load in GPUz by clicking the "?" icon next to
"Bus Interface: PCIe x16" and starting a render test.

GPUs behave differently under different loads. If you want to check gaming frequency
you need to load the card with a gaming load.

I hope this makes sense and answers your questions.


Posted By: Darklegion1978
Date Posted: 20 Jan 2023 at 2:43pm
Good Morning Xaltar,

big thx for your answer.

But thats the Point, if the Card goes under Load, it goes up to 2400 as like the regular Variant of the Intel Card.

I know what you mean, and i tried both Cards, the original one and the Asrock Variant.

The other Point is that GPU-Z and also Intel Control Center do not show the 2200 as mentioned. Just the regular Base Clock of 2050, that also Intel use.

I dont know what to think about the Marketing with 2200.

Maybe its a Driver Failure as written above, and the potential of the Card is inside but not active. But thats the the Part of Intel.

Or just a Display failure as like at the beginning with the Arc A770 Memory Speed.

Will see, i´ll give it a try ;)

Thx again for your Answer and also Asrock

Posted By: Darklegion1978
Date Posted: 24 Jan 2023 at 1:01am
The Answer from Intel, and great that one and the other dont know what to do.

At least, when the Card is under Load, both of them running with 2400MHz Intel and Asrock, so no difference between the Cards and nothing that would speak for Asrock. Less Memory and slower Memory at Asrock, and same Speed vs the Intel Card.

"Thank you for your patience and cooperation. We understand your situation and would like to explain our stance on it. We can guarantee and support for any of the base Arc graphics and make sure the performance is according to our product release specifications. According to the same specifications, our graphics chip has been released to Original Equipment Manufacturers such as Asrock, who can customize and optimize the use of resources and depending on the cooling solution, boost it in some cases in certain setups.
We thank you for your vote of confidence in the Intel Arc Graphics . The way of working as mentioned by Asrock is that under load, is set to run at 2200Mhz. As this is rather unique for the time being, we believe that due to the nature of the settings, it cannot be modified by our base generic driver and should it require further customization, the OEM most probably would release a driver version/Arc Control version of their own to recognize the modifications.
If there are further inquiries on this specific product, our advice would be to reach out to the manufacturer for further support as they hold the solutions according to the modifications to the base card."


Posted By: Darklegion1978
Date Posted: 24 Jan 2023 at 1:59pm
The same issue with an A770 Asrock Card.

Just the normal CPU Clock as like an "original" Intel Card.
Guess your standard GPU Clock isnt read correct or anything wrong with the Bios of the Cards. Or the Intel Driver.

And yes, when its under Load the Card goes up to 2400MHz as like an "original" Card.

But the thing is, why GPU-Z and Intel wont recognize the standard OC Speed, as like all other Cards out there (Nvidia, Amd)

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