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PHANTOM GAMING 4 AM4 AMD X570 and Kingston ECC

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Topic: PHANTOM GAMING 4 AM4 AMD X570 and Kingston ECC
Posted By: HotRodFan
Subject: PHANTOM GAMING 4 AM4 AMD X570 and Kingston ECC
Date Posted: 16 Jan 2023 at 2:54am
Currently looking at upgrading my Unraid server from a I7-4770S with 32 gbs (non ECC) of DDR3 memory to an Ryzen R5 3600 with 32 gbs of ECC memory.

I am considering the ASRock X570 PHANTOM GAMING 4 AM4 AMD X570" rel="nofollow -

According to the Asrock Memory QVL for the Matisse AMD CPU they recommend

Kingston Micron KSM26ED8/16ME (ECC)

However I can ony find a similar Kingston Hynix D KSM26ED8/16HD (ECC)

Both have the same model number Kingston Hynix D KSM26ED8 but the recommended uses Micron chip and the other the Hynix.

Would anyone know if the Hynix would be ok with the Ryzen R5 3600 and ASRock X570 PHANTOM GAMING 4 AM4 AMD X570

I can also find NEMIX which they are listing as Kingston KSM26ED8 compatible.

Thanks kindly

Posted By: eccential
Date Posted: 16 Jan 2023 at 8:11pm
They're all just JEDEC spec DIMMs. They'll all work fine.
I have a lot of DDR4 ECC UDIMMS from old to recent, and they all work just fine with AsRock AM4 boards. I have been using them on a bunch of AsRock B450, X470, A520, B550 boards.

From old to new I own:
CT7983948, KVR21E15D8/8HA, KVR24E17S8/8, KVR24E17D8/16MA, KSM32ES8/16ME, KSM32ED8/16HD, KSM32ED8/32ME, KSM32ED8/16MR.

Also, if you go to, and let "Products" tab expand, there will be a link to "Server/Workstation RAM" After clicking on that, you can use the Filter on the top right to filter for "ECC UDIMM" and "VLP ECC UDIMM" (VLP=VeryLowProfile). You can order most of them directly, but do compare prices against standard Kingston Server Premier DIMMs, since they're all pretty much equivalent, other than the fact that Crucial/Micron parts are all going to be using Micron DRAM chips, whereas Kingston uses both Micron and SK Hynix (but you know exactly what you're getting based on part number).

ADDED: And why in the world would you buy a 2666MT/s modules now? Just buy the most current 3200MT/s modules!

Heck, I shoved two sticks of KSM32ED8/32ME into my R7-2700X box (Fatal1ty X470 Gaming-ITX/ac, and they even ran at 3200MT/s, but the DF running at 1600MHz was burning a lot more power at higher voltages, and I didn't need the bandwidth, so I downclocked it to just 2400MT/s with tighter timings. I could also run it at any lower clock (2800MT, 2666MT, etc.) and adjust timings as desired. I just wanted lots of memory at lower power, so I went with 2400MT.

You'll be using a 3600 (Matisse), so 3200MT/s is no problem at all.

Posted By: HotRodFan
Date Posted: 17 Jan 2023 at 12:22am
Thank kindly for the reply.

I did not see any DDR4 3200 ECC listed in the Asrock QVL for Ryzen Matisse cpu.

PS: I just noticed in my original post I made a mistake and post DDR3 when I meant DDR4.

Posted By: eccential
Date Posted: 17 Jan 2023 at 12:59am
As I posted in another thread before (no I'm not expecting everybody to read every thread), no motherboard manufacturers test ALL DIMMs available in the market. Not only is it impossible (too many to begin with and many new models coming out all the time), it's meaningless in many cases because many vendors swap DRAM chips over the lifetime of any DIMM model.

Most motherboard manufacturers don't bother testing ECC UDIMMs. It's basically waste of time for them, because, almost nobody buys them, and they're all JEDEC spec anyway. They have no XMP/EXPO profiles. They're all STRICTLY JEDEC.

Good thing about Kingston Server Premier or Crucial/Micron Server/Workstation DIMMs is that you know more-or-less exactly what you're getting (e.g. Micron R-DIE, SK Hynix D-DIE, etc.). I wrote, "more-or-less," because you don't get to know the exact chip SKU until you get it (e.g. D8BPJ, H5AN8G8NDJ, etc.).

They're JEDEC. They'll just work. In the worst case, you can underclock.
I have a pair of KSM32ED8/16HD in my B550-PG-ITX/ax with R5-5600 running at STOCK JEDEC speed of 3200MT/s CL22. R5-3600 and R5-5600 have the SAME IOD. Only the Core CCD is different. This machine used to have R5-3600, but I swapped it to R5-5600. I think I had KSM32ES8/16ME when I had R5-3600 on this board. Same speed (3200MT/s CL22, but single-rank).

I have a pair of KSM32ED8/16MR in my B450-G-ITX/ac with R5P-4650G running at, again, stock JEDEC speed of 3200MT/s CL22.

Note, if you put 4 DIMMs, they will run at slower speed, AUTOMATICALLY.
I have 4 sticks of KSM32ES8/16ME in my X470D4U board with R3-3300X, and they automatically downclocked to 2933MT/s. R3-3300X and R5-3600 have the SAME IOD.

I think 4 sticks of dual-rank DIMMs will cause it to downclosk to 2667MT/s, but I didn't check the manual, so don't quote me on that.

Lastly, you CAN overclock these DIMMs in these boards. You can figure out exactly what DRAM chips you got, and do some crazy overclocking (1.35V 3600MT/s or more, CL16 or quicker). Me personally don't get that, since the whole point of getting ECC memory is for the ultimate reliability, but well, they can get an actual feedback (ECC errors) if they're pushing it too far.

Posted By: HotRodFan
Date Posted: 17 Jan 2023 at 10:23pm
Thanks kindly for you reply.

I did in fact completely read both or your posts.

I was only explaining why I did not select 3200 DDR4 memory. I did my selection prior to reading your excellent explanation.

I've never used ECC memory in any of my home computers which are all built by myself.

I am 70 year old, retired systems administrator. My only experience with ECC was when I supported Citrix Winframe and Novel Netware file/print servers and the ram kit was either a recommended part kit from HP, Dell or Compaq. Depending on which hardware we were using.

As Netware went the way of Studebaker Motor Company, we transitioned to SUSE Linux/Samba (it was a Netware product and could run NDS) and later Windows server.

I see lots of ECC ram advertised on AliExpress but I am very hesitant to purchase it and much prefer Amazon, Canada Computers, Best Buy or NewEgg.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Posted By: eccential
Date Posted: 18 Jan 2023 at 12:34am
I'm just happy to see ANYONE going for ECC memory, because we're a rare breed. :)

I agree. I'd stick to reputable vendors. DDR4 EUDIMM prices are incredibly good at the moment, from places like (subsidiary of Micron), (when they occasionally ship directly), CDW, ShopBLT, and so on. I'm not versed in Canadian retailers.

I have a lot of systems (for an individual anyway) with ECC memory, but only one system is operating 24/7. In over 5 years of using all these systems, I've only seen ONE corrected ECC errors. It was on my 24/7 system running FreeBSD, with Ryzen 3 PRO 2200GE. And I painstakingly decoded the error message using AMD's own documentations, so I'm 100% certain. The point is, memory errors are incredibly rare in most home use cases. But I still get them because I'm paranoid.

I suppose I could've had errors in one of my Windows machines, but I doubt WHEA works properly on these boards, so there's probably no way to find out.

Anyway, I stand by the opinion that there's no reason to buy an older generation DIMMs (slower than 3200MT/s). It's even possible that they cost MORE than the current generation JEDEC DIMMs, because I companies like Micron and SK Hynix probably stopped making the slower DRAM chips. All faster JEDEC DRAM chips will run at slower JEDEC speeds.

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