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How to control

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Topic: How to control
Posted By: Skybuck
Subject: How to control
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2023 at 7:19am
Following components in system:

4. Motherboard: ASRock B650E Steel Legend WiFi

8. Memory Module 1: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB CMT64GX5M2B6000Z40      
9. Memory Module 2: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB CMT64GX5M2B6000Z40      
10. Memory Module 3: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB CMT64GX5M2B6000Z40
11. Memory Module 4: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB CMT64GX5M2B6000Z40

How to control RGB leds of RAM/memory sticks ?

So far I tried:
1. iCue, doesn't seem to work.
2. Asus Armory Crate + RGB Memory Plugin for ASUS AURA SYNC, doesn't seem to work.
3. ASRock Motherboard Utility doesn't have RGB options.
4. ASRock Polychrome RGB (seems to do something, but mostly turns the RAM modules into one color... ?!?)

Are there any other options ?

Also is there a way to get the original rainbow effect without restarting the system or removing the ASRock software ?

Posted By: Skybuck
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2023 at 7:20am
Please delete topic, wrong title.

Posted By: Skybuck
Date Posted: 18 Nov 2023 at 7:28am
Posting this just in case it ain't deleted ! ;)

The following happened:

I installed iCue yesterday but did not reboot the system, rebooted it today.
iCue did not seem to detect the RAM lights.

Installed all the software above.

Went into bios changed nothing.

Went into polychrome RGB, tweaked some settings.

Did two reboots.

iCue seems to detect the RAM lights now...

Started polychrome rgb, a red arrow appeared in iCue after starting it again.

After a while a hint message shows up. iCue stopped receiving data from memory ram etc.

Rebooted it again. This time I did not start polychrome rgb, auto start is on off.

Now iCue is properly detecting the ram and I can play with the lights !

Pretty cool !

Problem seems solved, but too early to tell, I will experiment some more with these fun lights ! ;)

Posted By: H0PE
Date Posted: 06 Dec 2023 at 4:55am
You mean the problem is fixed by not starting up the poly rgb app? LOL.

Same issue here though, now that razer synapse received an update, poly rgb screwing up the rgb on ram control in ICUE, but whats worse not just RGB but the full icue controll of the ram is broken. Ram is not accessible for ICUE anymore.

So yeah great...


Posted By: Skybuck
Date Posted: 22 Dec 2023 at 8:22pm
Yup, don't startup the crap/software that screws it up :)

Let the motherboard hardware/bios control the DRAM leds, it looks best/most advanced/interesting to look at.

However in the future/summmer I might experiment with temperature based colors ! ;) for now the nice rainbow stays ! =D

Posted By: H0PE
Date Posted: 23 Dec 2023 at 12:30am
That isn't the solution for me, I got plenty of different color profiles based on games. It isn't a viable solution to just let the bios control it, BESIDES...

I need to control my pc case rgb too via the motherboard. And thats the main reason I want polichrome RGB to work.

But it isn't, again. It screwes up icue controll over RGB RAM. I wouldn't care if synapse and Polychrome could controll the RGB on the RAM however it stops RGB altogether and red triangles appear over the ram's icue control software.

It just screwy. And I assume I have to reinstall all the crap again, icue and also synapse and also Polychrome. Ehh cant be arsed now.


Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 23 Dec 2023 at 7:15am
RGB is still a major pain, there just isn't a proper standard yet and everyone does
their own thing which leads to all kinds of issues. There are a few third party
RGB apps around now, some even boast compatibility across various RGB types. It may
be worth looking into a single third party app that can control all your RGB rather
than having multiple apps all fighting/conflicting with each other.

Sadly I don't really use my RGB so I haven't got any suggestions as to what app
to try. I tend to set and forget, usually to a single color depending on the build.
I'm not really a fan of RGB


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