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headless ASRock A520M-HVS based system

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Printed Date: 22 May 2024 at 7:01pm
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Topic: headless ASRock A520M-HVS based system
Posted By: kwieszcz
Subject: headless ASRock A520M-HVS based system
Date Posted: 22 Mar 2024 at 6:23am

I would like to know if the motherboard ASRock A520M-HVS can boot without any GPU or APU?
My goal is to run a server with ryzen 3 4100 that will be accessed only via SSH.


Posted By: Davidmenk3
Date Posted: 22 Mar 2024 at 7:17pm
Yes, the ASRock A520M-HVS motherboard can boot without a GPU or APU. You can run a server with the Ryzen 3 4100 CPU and access it only via SSH. If you're looking to buy VPS Linux for your server, that should work well for your setup.

Posted By: eccential
Date Posted: 23 Mar 2024 at 6:24am
I would not recommend Ryzen 3 4100 for server use, if you want to run ECC memory.
Only PRO variants of APU-based processors support ECC, and 4100 is Renoir based.
If you want an APU, look for Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G and the likes (4650G, 4750G), which are Zen2. For Zen3 APU, 5650G, 5750G, etc.

If you don't need iGPU, go for standard CPUs, rather than APU-based chips.
Ryzen 3 3100/3300X (Matisse) would be the closest equivalent of Ryzen 3 4100 (Renoir).

Note 5700X (Vermeer) will support ECC memory, but not 5700 (Cezanne). When in doubt, look at techpowerup database and look at the code name.

For 24/7 server use, PRO-APU can be better, because they have lower idle power consumption (monolithic). My current little server is Ryzen 3 PRO 4350G I bought from Amazon. Some Korean vendor boxed them and sold them through US Amazon. Fantastic little server chip with full ECC memory (unbuffered only, of course) support.

Posted By: charlesmertin72
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2024 at 4:35pm
Yes, the ASRock A520M-HVS motherboard supports headless operation, meaning it can boot without a GPU or APU. You can run your server with the" rel="nofollow - Ryzen 3 4100 and access it solely via SSH for your intended setup.

Posted By: kwieszcz
Date Posted: 27 Mar 2024 at 8:14pm
I chose the 4100 because I read reports of its low idle power consumption and I don't need ECC. Do you know idle power consumption for your server? I finally bought b450m-hdv r4.0 + ryzen 3 4100 for my debian headless server. Although I've read a few statements that the mobo boots without gpu, the one I bought fails to boot without gpu and it draws 23W at idle. I am thinking of replacing my mobo with A520M-HVS to get rid of the gpu (hd5450) so I can lower the idle wattage further.

Posted By: eccential
Date Posted: 27 Mar 2024 at 10:04pm
If you don't need ECC memory support, the non-PRO thing wouldn't matter.

All of 4100, 4300G, 4350G, and many others are physically the same chip (Renoir, monolithic), with various portions of the chip disabled.

Fully enabled Renoir (4750G) has 4-core CCX + 4-core CCX + 8CU Vega iGPU. Each CCX has 4MB L3, so the total L3 is 8MB.

R3-PRO-4350G and R3-4300G are almost identical, with one of the CCX's completely disabled. So they're both 4-core CCX + 3CU Vega, with just 4MB L3, because the other CCX is completely disabled.

R3-4100 is a different beast, with both CCX's enabled, but with 2-cores disabled in each. So it's 2-core CCX + 2-core CCX + 0CU Vega (disabled). Total L3 is 4MB+4MB=8MB." rel="nofollow -

Although you get twice the L3 in 4100, each half is only accessible directly by 2-cores, and any sharing means they have to go through the fabric logic. And the fact that both CCX's are powered ON means it will have slightly worse idle power consumption, compared to 4350G/4300G. On the other hand, since 4100 has the iGPU completely disabled, it might consume slightly less power there. I've no idea how the total compares. I imagine it's pretty close. So I wouldn't think 4100 consumes any more power than 4350G/4300G.

My R3-PRO-4350G system looks like:
X470 Gaming-ITX/ac Fata1ity
Two sticks of Micron 3200MT/s CL22 16GB ECC UDIMMs
Two Samsung NVMe 970Pro (512GB + 1TB). One on PCIe adapter
Extra Intel i210 on WiFi m.2 slot, so two GbE.
Mini-Box's M3-ATX DC-DC Power Supply
One 120mm fan
Running FreeBSD

It idles at about 15W. Note this is the actual DC load, not mains power.
It can run off my solar+battery setup.

Is that 23W measured at wall? What kind of power supply? At this kind of low-power levels, most standard power supplies are relatively inefficient. I can't imagine idling HD5450 consuming that much power at idle, although a few watts is still quite a bit in percentage terms.

Instead of buying another motherboard, can't you just buy a R3-4300G? Or is that more expensive?

I've no experience with running any AM4 board without a GPU (iGPU/dGPU). All of my systems have at least the iGPU.

Posted By: kwieszcz
Date Posted: 28 Mar 2024 at 12:44am
It's 23W at the wall. Without gpu it measures 16W though it doesn't boot.

I can have the mobo replaced basically for free. Replacing cpu is more convenient though and I've been reading some nice power consumption reports on 5600g. If I can get 5600g at a good price I might go for it.

Posted By: kwieszcz
Date Posted: 28 Mar 2024 at 12:45am
I am using LC POWER LC420 350W PSU.

Posted By: eccential
Date Posted: 28 Mar 2024 at 2:07am
With these super low power consumption builds, regular power supplies aren't the best, because their efficiencies aren't great at extremely low power levels, like less than 10% of the ratings. That's why I use these tiny power supplies. For example, my daily PC is Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G with another Mini-Box M3-ATX:" rel="nofollow -

And I power it using a high-quality power brick (Meanwell GST90A15-P1M 90W 15V 6A).

5600G should behave similar to 4650G in idle, but it would be way faster under load, because it's Zen3 with 2x the unified L3 (16MB). I would've bought a 5650G or 5750G if I could find one, but I couldn't find a PRO version to buy.

Next CPU I buy will be AM5, so I'm not looking at any AM4 CPUs anymore.

Posted By: kwieszcz
Date Posted: 30 Mar 2024 at 1:30am
I bought a 5700G. The idle power consumption at the wall went down to 17W. 108W under full cpu load.
For information, the whole system is:
- ryzen 7 5700G
- b450m-hdv r4.0 (bios 7.40)
- F4-3200C16D-32GIS
- SAMSUNG PM981 256GB M.2
- LC-Power 350W

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