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Why I won't buy another AsRockRack motherboard.

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Topic: Why I won't buy another AsRockRack motherboard.
Posted By: eccential
Subject: Why I won't buy another AsRockRack motherboard.
Date Posted: 14 Apr 2024 at 8:50pm
I own a lot of AsRock AM4 motherboards, and one AsRockRack X470D4U.
Regular AsRock boards get continuous BIOS updates, if a bit behind sometimes, and with occasional bugs.

The last official BIOS update for X470D4U was in 2021, some 3 1/2 years ago, with AGESA Even the latest beta version was almost 2 years old, with AGESA, until a few days ago.

Just a few days ago, they finally released an updated ALPHA (not even BETA) BIOS, supposedly with a fix for the LogoFAIL security issue. Remember, these are supposed to be SERVER GRADE motherboards, with IPMI, etc.

And its description says, "1. Update AGESA 2. Fix LogoFAIL security issue."

AGESA Isn't that going BACKWARDS? Wait a second, that number corresponds to the latest AM5 AGESA, not AM4. There's no way an AM5 AGESA can work on an AM4 board.

What this says to me, is that AsRockRack as a brand doesn't care. They don't care to keep supporting their boards, and even their web maintainer doesn't care about doing their jobs correctly.

I still like regular AsRock brand. But AsRockRack brand appears to be run completely differently, and incompetently.

Posted By: mrbill
Date Posted: 20 Apr 2024 at 11:33pm
I'm with you on not buying another MB from ASRock. Haven't been able to update the FW on a X670E Steel Legend MB because system crashes using QVL supported RAM. ASRock doesn't appear to test their FW against the components they recommend. Additionally, ASRock hasn't responded to my past support requests either.

ASRock X670E Steel Legend (ABA159EAF581)
AMD Ryzen 9 7900X
32GB (2x16GB) G.Skill F5-5200J4040A16GX2-RS5K
WD SN570 2TB
MSI NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
Win 11 Pro

Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 21 Apr 2024 at 10:20pm
Originally posted by eccential eccential wrote:

AsRockRack brand appears to be run completely differently

I haven't ever tried any of ASRockRack's products. I am pretty sure I can count the
number of forum posts relating to ASRockRack products on one hand over the last
9 years. I don't know if that's because they seldom fail or if they are just not
that popular. AFAIK they are run and marketed by a different group of people than
ASRock's consumer lineup. I'm afraid I can't really comment on the quality or
support on their commercial product ranges. On the hardware side I have heard that
the quality tends to be good but you are not the first I have heard disappointed
with support (updates etc).

What I do know is that all the people I have ever dealt with at ASRock have been
amazingly helpful and dedicated. I think I will reach out and see if they can put
me in touch with some of their ASRockRack staff too. I currently just go through
ASRock's regular support chain when dealing with ASRockRack products and issues
(here on the forums).

It's worth noting that support for industrial/server/WS boards is routed through a different support form on their website.

Originally posted by mrbill mrbill wrote:

ASRock hasn't responded to my past support requests either.

By this you mean support tickets? If you are referring to here on the forums
you need to bare in mind this is a community forum. ASRock set up this forum
to give it's users a place to share experiences and advice as well as help each other
out with issues. It's also useful for them where it comes to seeing what issues
may or may not be common on a particular product/model.

ASRock_TSD is ASRock's tech support account here on the forums and they do post
here fairly often but this is not treated as an official support channel. The
official support channel is:" rel="nofollow -

I am just a moderator here and do not speak for/on behalf of ASRock. Beyond dealing
with spam, forum abuse and regular moderation related issues I do try to help
where I can even though I am not strictly required to. Often I am mistaken for
an ASRock support team member, which I am not.

If you have one or more unfulfilled support tickets make sure you:

a) Received a confirmation email
b) Did not miss a response in your spam folder

ASRock support mail's very often end up in spam for some reason, I suspect due
to the ".tw" email provider suffix. If you did not receive a confirmation email
something went wrong with the support form and your ticket was not opened.

I hope this helps.


Posted By: eccential
Date Posted: 22 Apr 2024 at 2:41am
Yes, it does appear that the different sub-brands (Rack, Industrial) are run completely differently.

As I wrote, I still like AsRock products, especially since they recently reinstated ECC support with AM5 boards. I love products like DeskMeet X600 - chipsetless extended mini-ITX. I also like AsRockInd products, but they're not generally available to regular consumers, so I never managed to get any.

I noticed AsRockRack did fix the X470D4U page recently (laugh). It now correctly says AGESA 1.2.0.c. Too many people not taking their jobs seriously enough, or having jobs they're not qualified for. Shrug.

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