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Failed update BIOS on conroexfire-esata2

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Topic: Failed update BIOS on conroexfire-esata2
Posted By: youthMP
Subject: Failed update BIOS on conroexfire-esata2
Date Posted: 24 Jul 2015 at 8:41am
Hey all, today I found a little problem upgrading my BIOS motherboard which model is "conroexfire-esata2" in order to improve development. I successfully installed the software which I downloaded from ASrock website but then when I rebooted my computer It was 'bricked' , after windows loading menu appears it all went blue screen and just won't move it from there.
 I tried removing battery from motherboard and put it again and nothing happened. By the way I'm no computer geek so I would like some Info about what should I do in order to restore BIOS and the normal function of the motherboard.

Thank you for your attention,

Looking forward for an awnser, 

Bernardo Reis. 

Posted By: odiebugs
Date Posted: 24 Jul 2015 at 9:45am
Welcome to the board.

If you bricked the BIOS, you wouldn't see anything, and never windows logo, I think you've caused a windows problem. 

I don't know what your BIOS version was, but the last three had a specific reason to update, and unless you needed them you shouldn't have upgraded. 

Remove the hard drive, and try booting and going into the BIOS,  look at the storage settings as change as needed .

If you can enter it, it's not bricked.  

Now I would attach the hard drive and reboot and enter BIOS and check boot drive settings. 

If windows doesn't boot, try using the windows disk and repair windows.


Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 24 Jul 2015 at 12:37pm
Am I correct in understanding that the system froze at the windows boot screen after the bios flash and then would no longer post after the error?

The first thing I would try in your situation is a full CMOS clear

1. Disconnect the power cord
2. Press the power button and hold it until all lights on the motherboard go out
3. Place the clear CMOS jumper in the clear CMOS position
4. Remove the CMOS battery
5. Leave the system like this for at least 4 hours
6. Replace the CMOS battery
7. Put the clear CMOS jumper back to its default position (pins 1 and 2)
8. Reconnect the power cord
9. Power up the system

If I am understanding you correctly the system posted after the bios flash and then only after the freeze failed to post, hopefully it was the result of some corrupt settings in the bios post flash, in which case the clear CMOS step above should correct it.

Good luck

Posted By: youthMP
Date Posted: 25 Jul 2015 at 12:42am
Thanks Xaltar I will now proceed to your resolution and see if it works. Yes odiebugs, I can enter into the bios when the system runs and don't blackscreen, but still I don't know properly how to work with the menus. As I could understand what your suggesting is formatting the computer but I wouldn't like to loose all the data stored so I will try first Xaltar suggestion. Thank you both for your attention.

Bernardo Reis

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