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H77M screen freezes issue

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Topic: H77M screen freezes issue
Posted By: Clunis
Subject: H77M screen freezes issue
Date Posted: 28 Jul 2015 at 5:53am
I'm an Asrock customer. Some years ago i've bought an H77M mobo.
I'm very happy of this mobo, it's perfect in normal using. The problems began when I started to play League of Legends.
I've a 3570k cpu and I use onboard HD4000 videocard.
It works perfectly at medium quality but sometime the game crash without any reason.
The screen freezes and the audio card plays a sound similar to a bee (bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz). Reset button doesn't work, CTRL+ALT+DEL doesn't work... The only thing that works is shutdown the system by unplugging the cable or wait some seconds until the pc reboot automatically.
I spent so many time at the research of a solution without any result. The only solution are in all the cases the same: a bios upgrade.
Now i have the last one, so I can not upgrade again.
If someone noticed this issue and got a solution, plz tells me how to fix it! Thanks so much

Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 28 Jul 2015 at 12:38pm
Welcome to the forums Smile

What version of windows are you using?

The first thing I would check given your problem seems to be specific to a game is the system event logs. They can be found under

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer


Windows Logs -> System

You will want to look for warnings and errors close to or at the time of a crash. This should give an idea as to where the problem is coming from.

Post back when you have the info and we can help you from there.

Posted By: Clunis
Date Posted: 29 Aug 2015 at 11:19pm
Hi, I suppose there are some hardware incompatibility because i got just this one:

file:///C:/Users/nbriz/AppData/Local/Temp/tmp6070.xml#" rel="nofollow - <Event xmlns="">
file:///C:/Users/nbriz/AppData/Local/Temp/tmp6070.xml#" rel="nofollow - <System>
  <Provider Name="EventLog" />
  <EventID Qualifiers="32768">6008</EventID>
  <TimeCreated SystemTime="2015-08-29T15:04:58.000000000Z" />
  <Security />
file:///C:/Users/nbriz/AppData/Local/Temp/tmp6070.xml#" rel="nofollow - <EventData>
  <Data />
  <Data />
  <Data />
  <Data />

Posted By: Clunis
Date Posted: 29 Aug 2015 at 11:21pm
Nome registro: System
Origine:       Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
Data:          29/08/2015 17:04:54
ID evento:     41
Categoria attivit?:(63)
Livello:       Critico
Parole chiave: (35184372088832),(2)
Utente:        SYSTEM
Computer:      PC-XXXXXX
Riavvio del sistema senza un regolare arresto. Questo errore può essere causato da un'interruzione, un arresto anomalo o un'interruzione dell'alimentazione imprevista del sistema.
XML evento:
<Event xmlns="">
    <Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power" Guid="{331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}" />
    <TimeCreated SystemTime="2015-08-29T15:04:54.940620100Z" />
    <Correlation />
    <Execution ProcessID="4" ThreadID="8" />
    <Security UserID="S-1-5-18" />
    <Data Name="BugcheckCode">0</Data>
    <Data Name="BugcheckParameter1">0x0</Data>
    <Data Name="BugcheckParameter2">0x0</Data>
    <Data Name="BugcheckParameter3">0x0</Data>
    <Data Name="BugcheckParameter4">0x0</Data>
    <Data Name="SleepInProgress">0</Data>
    <Data Name="PowerButtonTimestamp">0</Data>
    <Data Name="BootAppStatus">0</Data>

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