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problem: Win7shutdown/restart

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Topic: problem: Win7shutdown/restart
Posted By: jbstphr
Subject: problem: Win7shutdown/restart
Date Posted: 31 Jul 2015 at 1:51pm
HW: home-used computer with i5 and PSU named "VACUNA 500W"
yesterday broken Asusz87 was replaced with AsRockz87extreme4 
The situation:
-- Windows  7/64 "safe mode": the commands "shutdown" and "restart" have no problem
-- Windows 7/64 "normal mode" has problem<s>:
  - symptom#1:  the command "restart" from GUI  (also :\>shutdown -r) doesn't restart but causes "incomplete shutdown state"
  - symptom#2:  the command "shutdown" from GUI doesn't shutdown but causes "incomplete shutdown state"

Note:  "incomplete shutdown state" means that CPU/Videocard/Chassis fans still work, power-indicator-LED on chassis-front-panel still is ON)

The drivers were installed from factory's CD (obtained inside retail-motherboard's-box)


Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 31 Jul 2015 at 2:44pm
I have to ask, did you do a clean install? I know both boards are Z87 but there will be some differences in the other components. The fact that it works in safe mode suggests it is a driver related problem. 

As a general rule, whenever replacing a motherboard in a system it is best to do a fresh install unless it is the exact same model as before.

Posted By: jbstphr
Date Posted: 31 Jul 2015 at 3:20pm
?śClean system??has no way:  the system is upgraded WinUltimate (some unix-styled utilities and respective CygWin etc) from WinPro and includes several patched MS-IDEs (from VC 6.0 with its specific 32-bit Java-machine). The only reason I used AsRockz87 is difficulty to obtain Asusz87.

I shall be able to report any rational information (e.g. specified relevant logs) in the text form.

Treat this paragraph not offensive (just as my note or my personal way of behavior): if one of young engineers talks about ?śclean install??>1 time consequently then I (usually, I try at least) force such a person to quit his job in the company I am working.  I also wouldn?™t like to dance around PC and sing conjurations 

Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 31 Jul 2015 at 6:03pm
For a start, I am not a young engineer Tongue

Secondly, we have to deal with a broad spectrum of people here, from those that know nothing at all about tech to those that have been in the trade for decades. Our responses are tailored more toward the amateur for the simple reason that more often than not, advanced troubleshooting is beyond them.

Please refrain from posting inflationary comments in future, prefacing it with "Treat this paragraph not offensive" does not make it less offensive.  What you would or would not tell a person in a physical situation is not pertinent to these forums, for a start, the advice given here is free of charge and given out of good will by those who took the time to read and reply to your post. 

If it was your goal to remain with the same installation from the previous board then you should have stated as such in your post. 

It is very difficult to help someone in your position, you stated yourself that you have proprietary applications installed as well as drivers. There is no way we can help you without knowing all the details and even then, such things usually require the technician having access to the machine in question. 

My only advice is to check through your event logs and see if anything flags a driver/OS problem. The problem is not with the motherboard but rather with the OS that was not cleanly installed along with it. Think what you will of the practice, it is standard advice given by most, if not all hardware gurus as it alleviates the possibility the OS could be at fault. For most people a fresh install is not a problem, your situation is not conducive to a fresh install so I am afraid there is little we can do to help remotely. 

Posted By: jbstphr
Date Posted: 31 Jul 2015 at 7:43pm

I shall appreciate to any recomemndation that gives "potentially finite" steps to fix the problem.
As a normal person I shall consider "general wisdom" without feedbacks/logs/any_warranty (such as "clean install" or unspecified "event log") as a flood. Btw  the "event log" in given PC is clear formally (there is no single wrn- neither err-tagged-message).

"your situation is not conducive to a fresh install" - 100% yes
"so I am afraid there is little we can do to help remotely"
As I could translate that to practical language:
  - you can't propose any finite/acceptable way (like contents of some of "windows event log" with specified filter etc) to analyse the problem
  - you can propose/suggest only "clean install"


Posted By: koadrian
Date Posted: 02 Aug 2015 at 12:23am
it happen to me that not the board problem it is the ram fault.

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