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Vision 3D (Sandy Bridge) vs Windows 10

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Topic: Vision 3D (Sandy Bridge) vs Windows 10
Posted By: jj7879
Subject: Vision 3D (Sandy Bridge) vs Windows 10
Date Posted: 03 Aug 2015 at 3:00am
could Asrock please take a look at the bluescreen that occurs when
trying to install Windows 10 on the Vision 3D 252b.
The Intel Graphics driver seems to crash.
If not fixable via some other way, maybe Asrock could release a new BIOS-version for the 252b, which allows you to completely disable the Intel builtin Graphics Engine "HD 3000", so that you only have Nvidia 540M enabled.
(by the way, setting the "Lucid Virtu" to Disabled in the BIOS, does not help).
Best regards

Posted By: jgarner
Date Posted: 26 Dec 2015 at 10:48pm

I'd like to second this and ask for a Bios that at least addresses the issue of the Lucid Virtu crashing the whole system on Windows 10. Even if it isn't perfect and/or reduces some functionalities, at least you can use the computer...

Not impressed with how this top of the range expensive computer has just been completely disregarded...


Posted By: jj7879
Date Posted: 04 Aug 2016 at 11:23pm
Now also tested on Windows 10 "Anniversary Update" (v1607):
- Crashes after a few minutes.
That Bios option mentioned in the first post would be useful..

Posted By: jj7879
Date Posted: 24 Jan 2017 at 6:56am
For those interested, a workaround which seems to work..
You will have to be quick, before the igdkmd64.sys crashes though..
1. Install "Display Driver Uninstaller"." rel="nofollow -
Start and select "Intel" and uninstall those.
2. To prevent Windows Update from reinstalling the Intel drivers, download ""Show or hide updates" troubleshooter package" (wushowhide.diagcab)." rel="nofollow -
Start it and hide the Intel graphics driver.
I don't know for how long Windows will remember to not try to reinstall the Intel driver though..
So, again..Asrock please provide a bios update, where you can disable the igp.

Posted By: parsec
Date Posted: 24 Jan 2017 at 10:26am
You can also configure Windows 10 to not install every driver during the post installation configuration process, just don't choose the Win 10 Express settings.

Another easy workaround for Windows 10 installations, which I always do, is simply do not connect the PC to your network during the installation, or immediately afterwards. I always install my own drivers first on any Windows installation, I don't trust or want at least most of the drivers that MSoft will send my way.

Of course the problem with this PC is, since Lucid Virtu is one of its basic features, and is only supported in Windows 7, you don't have driver listings for other Windows versions. You could find most of the drivers and software on your own, but not all of them, more on that below.

Disable the IGP? Can you tell me how you enable it in your board's BIOS?

To this day, after all the years of Intel's integrated graphics, on all the desktop boards I've used and seen, there has never been an option that directly "disables" the IGP. The closest thing is the Share Memory option, but your BIOS does not have that option.

For the board in this PC, which only uses the IGP with Lucid, in the North Bridge Configuration screen in the BIOS, find the Quick Sync option, which is enabled by default. Set Quick Sync to Disabled to disable the IGP.

So, an option to disable the IGP is already in the BIOS.

As your PC's manual explains, the Quick Sync option (and Lucid Virtu) are only for use with Windows 7. This option must be disabled for any other OS (page 54.)

Apparently any problems caused by Win 10 installing a graphics driver for the Intel 3000 graphics in the three i5-2xxxM processors used in this PC, is because Intel does not have a Win 10 compatible driver for their 3000 graphics. For example, click on the Download Drivers link on this page, the specs for one of the processors used in the Vision 3D series:" rel="nofollow -

-------------" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: wardog
Date Posted: 24 Jan 2017 at 11:51am
Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings > Hardware tab >
Device Installation Settings > No, let me choose what to do > and then check Never install driver software from Windows Update > then click on Save Changes

Simple as that.

Posted By: philk
Date Posted: 25 Jan 2017 at 1:28am
Thank you!  After months of searching, and almost switching to Linux (to be fair, may still switch), disabling the QuickSync in the BIOS solved my problem.  Win10 worked on my ASRock Vision 3D HTPC (after doing a fix similar to what wardog suggested) at first, but after the anniversary update, even that fix (and many, many others) didn't work.  No matter what, Win10 tried to access the Intel graphics (even disabling it in the Device Manager didn't work).  Win10 would always try to load the Intel graphics, and the system would BSOD within a minute of loading.

The fix described above (disabling QuickSync in the BIOS, under the North Bridge settings) solved this. 

Thank you all!

Posted By: jj7879
Date Posted: 25 Jan 2017 at 3:14am
Thanks parsec and wardog for explanations and suggestions!
@philk - Good to hear you got it working!

Posted By: Worfje
Date Posted: 10 Jan 2021 at 10:13pm
Sorry for bumping such an old thread, but I also wanted to install Windows 10 on a Asrock Vision 3D 137B and I might have made some progress (using your tips also, thanks!).

I can confirm that even the latest beta bios from Asrock (L1.52a from 2011-Apr-14) doesn't give you the possibility to disable Intel HD Graphics. There is no way to disable 'Quick Sync' in the BIOS.

When installing Windows 10 it would crash with BSOD. Safe mode with networking was not possible.

Installing without an internet connection was successful.

Posted By: Worfje
Date Posted: 10 Jan 2021 at 10:19pm
On another laptop I downloaded the NVidia windows 10 driver which supports the GT425M graphics card (352.84 from 2015.5.15) and via a USB stick I could use it on the Asrock Vision 3D. It installed fine.

The only thing left is connection to the internet and hoping Windows Update doesn't screw it up. ;-)

Posted By: Worfje
Date Posted: 12 Jan 2021 at 2:29am
Connecting to the internet and getting the windows updates worked out fine. So, an Asrock Vision 3D 137B is Win10 compatible.

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