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N3000 damn hot

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Topic: N3000 damn hot
Posted By: gabriel85roma
Subject: N3000 damn hot
Date Posted: 22 Sep 2015 at 10:09pm

In idle... Eco mode by bios...
it is not acceptable... from a 200??NUC... it will burn the disks...

how can i solve the problem?

Posted By: parsec
Date Posted: 26 Sep 2015 at 2:11am
You have a Beebox N3000 NUC, is that right?

You also have a SanDisk X110 SD6SF1M-128G-1022I 128GB mSATA SSD in it, right?

What other drives do you have in that PC? It seems you have at least one, and maybe more?

mSATA SSDs like your SanDisk X110 will run warmer than standard 2.5" SSDs that are in a metal case. That is normal for that kind of mSATA SSD.

The operating temperature range of your SanDisk X110 is 0º C - 70º C. While 55º C is not cool, it is within the specified operating temperature range. So it should not burn or damage it.

We need to know the details of the hardware in your N3000, like the number of drives in it as I asked above.

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Posted By: gabriel85roma
Date Posted: 26 Sep 2015 at 6:04am
SanDisk X110 in msata
and samsung m9T 2gb in 2,5 space... who arrives also to 50 degrees... 

i have put an external usb fan through the vesa predisposition of beebox and the temperature now is under 45° for all disks...
if i unplug the fan the temperature rises also higher than 60° and don't stop rising in time until the system shut down to prevent damages... (in the sheet in beebox box is written that is not a good idea to have both disks in the fanless version, but it is nowere written in every review or spec in asrock site) 

2)Now the real problem is... ok the fan (tha fanless solution can't dissipate all the heat, is clear to see it, it's less elegant but in this way i'll not cook my disks!)... 
but i want the fan to stop turning when i switch off my beebox... this is not to ask for the moon in 2015...
but in bios erp is not present and the s5 voice has no effect... how can you help me?
I want all usb ports without power if the beebox is shut down...

3) another thing... power gear is available only through bios? no apps to install or something more easy and automatic? in this way is useless... nothing like asus AI Suite?

4) will i have a hdmi driver supporting DTS or DTS-HD?

Posted By: parsec
Date Posted: 26 Sep 2015 at 2:41pm
1. It is also written in the Beebox manual on the Beebox product download page, that using two disks in the fanless version is not recommended. It also states that the Beebox can be placed on its side, vertically, to help with cooling.

In your Windows Power Option, you can set the HDD to go into sleep mode after one or two minutes of no use (nothing read or written to the HDD) which will also reduce heat.

2. All the USB ports still receive power when the PC is shutdown. That is considered a feature on all modern mother boards. You would need to connect your fan to a USB hub with a power switch and turn off the fan after shutting down the Beebox.

3. Sorry, Power gears are a BIOS only option.

4. I don't know about a DTS driver for the Realtek ALC283 audio.

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Posted By: gabriel85roma
Date Posted: 29 Sep 2015 at 9:06pm
why don't add an erp voice to turn off usb when the system is shut down?
Thank you

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