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Microstuttering in all games. Please HELP

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Topic: Microstuttering in all games. Please HELP
Posted By: Destalk
Subject: Microstuttering in all games. Please HELP
Date Posted: 23 Jul 2018 at 3:32pm
" rel="nofollow - So, basically I built a new rig a year ago (Current components):

- Ryzen 7 1700
- AsRock X370 Taichi 
- 1TB Western Digital HDD
- Corsair RM750i PSU

FPS are really high (95FPS on Battlefield 1), I play on 2560x1080 at 75Hz (OC monitor, stuttering happens even on default settings, and even on other panels, I used my LG 4k TV and it stills there), but there are lots of mini frame drops (every 10 - 25 seconds) and screen freezing (only for 1 sec, FPS are high and then they go down for a second) in any game, even on League of Legends, and this happens even if I'm on a calmed zone, sometimes I'm in the middle of all action with lots of explosions and particles everywhere and nothing happens, but then even if everything is quiet, stuttering comes. The PC works just fine, no lag on windows, it boots fast as hell and when I work it does everything perfect but when I play Games it's just a nightmare. I'm thinking on changing to an Intel Processor and MOBO because I can't stay in this situation.


I did everything you can imagine to solve it:

- Updated BIOS (2 times)
- Ryzen software/drivers downloaded
- Installed Games on the SSD
- Using Ryzen power plan and high performance power plan
- OC succesfully without any issues both RAM (2933MHz) and CPU (3.7Ghz) the problem existed even before OC, from the first day
- Temps are perfect CPU: 60; GPU: stays in 65 - 70 at maximum
- Reinstalled Windows like 8 times, even from scratch
- Disabled a lot of stuff, SMT, HPET, and many windows process such as Xbox DVR and Game Bar (even from system), Not recording on Shadow Play...
- Reinstalled GPU Drivers using DDU
- Changed settings on Nvidia Control Panel a lot of times, no configuration solves the issue
- No antivirus if you're wondering about it
- Checked with Latency Moon, no issues on RAM. Checked with Crystal Disk, HDD and SSD are perfect
- Cleared CMOS removing battery
- Placed the GPU on the other PCI-E port

- Tried a different plug at the wall (in 5 different houses)
- Changed RAM and PSU altough this was unnecesary at all 

You think by changing to Windows 7 will solve the issue?

GPU has a Micron chip, is this relevant? 

Also I used Cinebench and my score is 1300 always (NO OC currently, neither RAM nor CPU) and that is kinda low compared to other tests I've seen in the same conditions.

Posted By: gizmic
Date Posted: 23 Jul 2018 at 5:46pm
i suggest you try msi afterburner with riva and load up things like temps, load, volts, speed etc on your screen that would give you a clear picture on what is causing the stutters as it should reflect on the OSD 


Posted By: datonyb
Date Posted: 24 Jul 2018 at 1:12am
ok you have pretty much the same setup as me

and mine is buttery smooth on gaming
so lets see why and what differences are the problem
i run mine r7 1700 at 3.9 ghz fixed all cores at 1.35 volts (disabled all them power saving sheeeet)
c6 states cool n quiet etc BUT i leave the global c states enabled (this allows my cpu to down volt to under .500volts but maintain the 3.9 ghz at all times
what out the box xmp speed is the tridentz as i have run 3200 cl15 and my present 3866 at cl14 3333 without issue (i can suggest ram timings but i would need to know if you have samsung b dies tridentz first)
apart from the gpu we do have very similar systems i use amd gpu


3800X, powercolor reddevil vega64, gskill tridentz3866, taichix370, evga750watt gold

Posted By: Destalk
Date Posted: 24 Jul 2018 at 4:26pm
Somehow I managed to solve it, Idk how the hell I did it but after some research I saw many posts of people having stuttering in games due to it's wi-fi adapter, in my case it was the one included with the motherboard, I want to think that was the reason of everything, I tried Battlefield 3 with no Wi-fi adapter on, even disabled from BIOS and no Stuttering, so I updated the drivers directly from AsRock support page and I think it worked.I'll have to try some other games before I can get any conclusions but by the time, I haven't had any frame losses

Posted By: datonyb
Date Posted: 25 Jul 2018 at 1:23am
i just goto intel and use there driver updater to get drivers for wifi and bluetooth

might be an idea in future its a self installing updater that grabs the relevant drivers for you


3800X, powercolor reddevil vega64, gskill tridentz3866, taichix370, evga750watt gold

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