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z77 Extreme4 questions

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Topic: z77 Extreme4 questions
Posted By: The_Poena
Subject: z77 Extreme4 questions
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2015 at 12:47pm
Hi, I have some questions about the drivers for the z77 Extreme4. I am installing windows 7 and am wondering if I should install the drivers on the CD first and then install the newer ones from the motherboard download page, or just install the ones from the windows 7 download page. Also, I notice there are newer drivers on the motherboard's windows 8, 8.1, and 10 page and on Intel's website. Should I install any of those or is it better to only install the ones on the CD and/or motherboard's windows 7 download page? I am only planning on using windows 7 for now.

Also, is there a recommended order to installing the drivers and windows updates?

And last, in the windows 7 Intel USB 3 folder there are two setup executable files. One is simply called Setup while the other is called SetupUSB3_Dell. I think I saw when using the SetupUSB3_Dell one that there was an install shield wizard whose progress bar (not the progress bar of actually installing the driver, just a bar for setting up the install wizard I think) quickly processed while the Setup file did not have either the install shield wizard or the progress bar that goes along with it.  Also, if I intentionally cancelled out of the install guide of the SetupUSB3_Dell file, I think on the screen just before you can start installing the driver, that a window appeared saying something to the effect that windows thought the install failed and was wondering if I should install with recommended settings (I cancelled that because I knew that everything was fine as I simply cancelled out of the setup before it installed the driver).  I'm wondering which file should I use, the one called Setup or the one called SetupUSB3_Dell?

Sorry about all of the questions and information. I'm just wanting to give you all the info you might find helpful in helping me install the drivers well.

Posted By: Xaltar
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2015 at 2:08pm
Hello and welcome to the forums Smile

As a general rule with drivers always install the latest ones for your system, installing older drivers then installing new ones over the top can sometimes cause issues. In other words just install the ones from your product page.

As for order I generally install the INF "driver" first though it is technically just hardware definitions to help windows identify your motherboard's chipset components it does help speed things along a little with the other drivers. After that I usually install graphics drivers, at this point you can install the rest in any order you choose.

I would try the USB3 driver from the product page and see if it has the same issue you mentioned, if the only setup file that actually loads a UI is the one marked dell then you can try install it, it should simply fail if it is the wrong one.

Good luck with the installation and enjoy your build Thumbs Up

Posted By: The_Poena
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2015 at 2:54pm
Thank you for your reply. As for the USB3 driver I have used the one from the product page and both of the .exe files have a UI.  It's just that there's a few seemingly small differences. I guess I just shouldn't worry about it.

Posted By: The_Poena
Date Posted: 14 Oct 2015 at 8:14am
Sorry, I have another question. If I decide to upgrade to Windows 10 will it remove some of the windows 7 drivers, or will it keep all of them?  And which of these three methods, or combination of them, should I follow after upgrading: install the motherboard's windows 10 drivers even if it overwrites some of the windows 7 ones, install the motherboard's windows 10 drivers if the upgrade process removes some of the windows 7 ones, or not do any installing of motherboard drivers and just use whatever is left after the upgrade process?

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